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Of nature not against it.
Connected not separate.
For years we have gone to great lengths to protect ourselves from mountain weather by trying to insulate
ourselves inside a bubble of waterproof plastic – taped seams, cinched-in hoods and waists,
internal ankle gaiters, fabrics with a 20,000mm hydrostatic head and all the palaver.
If you spend a lot of time in the mountains you probably already know the truth.
For 95% of days this is nonsense.
Our clever, enhanced merino regulates temperature naturally and gently. It turns a biting wind into
a cooling breeze and a snow storm into a white outer coat. You still feel the weather but in a warm,
connected way and when you get busy, sweat easily escapes through the fabric.
A McNair Mountain Shirt will keep you more comfortable in more variable conditions
for longer than anything else on the mountain.


 For the shirt that does many things, @welldresseddad managing two places at once in his #merino #wool #MountainShirt  We're very proud to be part of @withloveproject's #kickstarter funded book showcasing the huge array of talent & makers we have here in #Britain alongside @bantonframeworks @ajoto @trakkebags @mcrostiescotland @normanwalshuk @hiutdenim @seven_bro7hers & @lissomandmuster #WithLove #makers #craft  Did we mention that we will be at the #Chatsworth County Fair this year? Check the link in our bio for info on this glorious event held within the @chatsworthofficial grounds in the heart of the #PeakDistrict. #ChatsworthCFair #MountainShirt #PlasmaDry™  Where's your weekend taking you? @m_xl strolling the European #Alps for @bunkerresearch last year :@camillejmcmillan
 The temperature regulating benefits of #merino #wool make our #MountainShirt the most versatile piece of clothing you'll own. @getsuperrad getting the goods in #Verbier on our recent #Igloo expedition. :@melodyskyphotography #snowboarding  The #MountainShirt, able to stand out. #Merino #Wool #unplastic :@camillejmcmillan | @bunkerresearch  The perfect alternative, @behindeverygoodman_ in his #unplasticjacket #merino #wool  Be sure to stay in touch with our one time model @_neil_phillips_ as he undertakes the @thetranscontinental bike race (not shown here!). Turns out our @bunkerresearch friend @camillejmcmillan is also along for the ride as official event photographer. A win win and both are a fascinating follow. Stay in touch with Neil via the link in our bio as he enters the European alps. #MountainShirt #TCRno4s172 #TCRno4 #lightbro
 This time next week we'll be at the Chatsworth Country Fair! We often warn people before they try on a McNair Shirt that once you’ve put one on, it stops being, 'will I, won’t I?' and becomes, 'sooner or later’. If you haven’t tried one on yet and Derbyshire doesn’t sound too far away, why not pop in and say hello.. #MountainShirt #PlasmaDry™ #ChatsworthCFair  The #MountainShirt, able to handle wind, rain and toddler drool. Do you really need any other jacket? #unplastic #jacket #merino #wool :@ianhogg  This is @camillejmcmillan, #MountainShirt fan, one half of @bunkerresearch and also the official photographer of the @thetranscontinental, where our @_neil_phillips_ just came second, completing the 4000k + race in 9 days & 17 hours. Herculean effort and great imagery from Camille along the way.  Setting our sights on the weekend.. @m_xl in our mid weight #MountainShirt :@camillejmcmillan @bunkerresearch
 During the tail end of this winter #MountainShirt ambassadors @mcnairsnowsports, @ed__leigh_ @sfnelson & @getsuperrad toured deep in to the Swiss Alps for an #iglooadventure - our latest Offcuts newsletter is out now (link in bio) :@melodyskyphotography  @h3nry_york3 winning best dressed with his new #MountainShirt  Room with a view, #MountainShirt co-founder @mcnairsnowsports on the road seeking summer adventures before #winter kicks back in.  Mountains, methods and a #MountainShirt. Grandpa aka @hugewilliam nails it over #Tignes 🇫🇷 #merino #wool #shirt #snowboarding
 Tools of the trade for @furyosity featuring our #MountainShirt. We've been assured the rifle is merely for protection, much like our shirt against the elements. #safari #landrover  As it's #WorldPhotoDay we're enjoying this captivating image by @camillejmcmillan whilst on #bunkerresearch with @m_xl & his mid weight #merino #wool #MountainShirt  There's a few McNair Shirt happenings over the next few months up & down the country, we'll be sure to keep you updated.. #MountainShirt #PlasmaDry  Might you be in #Tignes 🇫🇷? Take a closer look and you may find #MountainShirt frequenter & artist @_schoph_'s latest #artdrop #belucky